Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Nightmare (Day) Mare for 3/3/09!

This one woke me up! In my dream I woke up to get a glass a of water and walked into the kitchen and heard a a woman shout at me thru my window, when I turned to looked she pulled up the biggest gun I have ever seen .... I know the barrell must have been about a foot in diameter! Well I ran into the kitchen and ducked and kept zig zgging on the floor hopping he didn't hit me when she shot! She yelled that if I didn't stand up that she was going to shoot! I feel like I am damned if I do ... damned if I don't! Then this other gal comes around the corner from the living room and says come on and get up she ain't gonna shot less'n u don't listen! I think shit ok here we go! So I get up and the got thru the doorway in the living room! That is when I start to notice that all my electronics are missing! MOST OF ALL *MY COMPUTER*! Now in the dream I have the nerve to ask for my computer back! Tell them that is all I have to keep me company! They laugh at me and tell me that is what a white honkey gets for moving into an all black apt complex!! That I don't belong here and I am lucky that this is all that has happened! This is just a warning from the sista's here. If I don't go the warning from the brothers will be next and they won't be so nice!
I try and tell them that I ain't no different from them! Colour is only skin deep! We bleed the same! They laugh at me! I try and tell them that my daugher is pregnant with a mixed child! They say *OH! AND YOU THINK THINK THAT MAKES YOU ONE OF US!?!!?!?* I told them I didn't know there was a difference! They won't leave so I can call the police! Then I notice that they have stolen my phone as well! It's like PULEASE! I'm like listen! I don't know what to say to you ... I am in the same boat as you! I can't afford to move! I can't afford a *real* apt just these Govt. apts like you! I am disabled and this is the best I can do Just like you! They tell me you got family and you better find a way. Then in some kind of nice heartedness I guess in my dream they give me this bright pink old fashioned phone that don't half work *so I can at least have a phone!* to call and get things going to get me moved. But if I call the cops I am dead! That is when I woke up! Grrrrrr what a dream!

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